The youth will sell their souls for money – Yul Edochie says

Yul-Edochie - truenewsgist.com
Nigerian actor Yul Edochie has claimed that old men in power want to hand over to the youth.
The actor noted that the youth is the reason the men in power cannot step down for them.
Edochie said the youth are constantly fighting online and they can sell their souls for money. Yul Edochie, a popular Nigerian actor and son of veteran actor, Pete Edochie, has taken to social media to share his thoughts about why the older generation continue to stay in power in Nigeria.
The actor shared his thoughts on the popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter. In the tweet, he stated that despite what people believe the old generation would like to hand over power to the youth.
Edochie noted that even though they would like to hand over to the youth, they are not ready. He said the old generation always sees the youth insulting each other on social media.
In the tweet, he said the youth cannot stand together and fight for anything. He claimed that the youth can sell their souls for money.

yul edochie - truenewsgist.com

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