“I will expose you,” – Meek Mill accuses Nicki Minaj of paying bloggers to attack his image…

Meek Mill has accused Nicki Minaj of paying bloggers to splatter mud on his image.

The latest drama started last night after popular blog, Baller Alert shared a photo of Meek Mill at a show attended by only 2,300 people and the rapper took offence at the caption, saying it was aimed at soiling his image.

“This [is] a club and i’m not performing. I’m just letting the 2,300 people that came to club hear me,” Meek Mill defended the poor turn-out at the show, adding that his ex Nicki Minaj paid the bloggers to make that post so as to ‘discredit’ his name.

“After all I did for you all, you all sold your souls for a few brands,” he continued in his rants, and then mentioned Nicki Minaj’s brother Jelani Maraj who is currently charged with child rape. “Why don’t you all post about that man molesting that lil girl. Oh? I forgot you are on payroll.”

Finally, he said he will be forced to expose how Nicki Minaj pays the blog to promote her image even as they make negative posts about him.

This comes just hours after Meek Mill’s boss, Rick Ross dissed Nicki Minaj in his new album. In the track ‘Apple of My Eyes’, the music boss said this of Nicki Minaj:

“I told Meek I wouldn’t trust Nicki, instead of beefing with your dog you just give him some distance/We all make mistakes, let’s not be specific/You rather be a killer, than be a statistic.”

Rick Ross was heavily criticised for that diss as many said it was a poor attempt at using her name to draw attention to his album. Which is somewhat true because all the buzz about the new album was mostly linked to his Nicki Minaj diss.

The female MC is yet to address that diss, and now, Meek Mill has hopped into the fray with the accusation that she pays bloggers to discredit him. And to his credit, Baller Alert has taken the offensive post down.

See his comments:

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