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The news of president Buhari being well brought relief to thousands of Nigerians. However, some people think Osinbajo should be allowed to hold the position forever since he has impressed them within the short period of time he has ruled as the president.

Below are the facts about the both leaders

1. Osinbajo is younger

The second in command to President Buhari is younger than him, he is agile and appears to be physically stronger than the president. Nigerians are tired of being ruled by old leaders who ought to have retired.

If civil servants are made to retire after thirty-five years of being in active service, this law should be extended to Nigerian leaders too. Osinbajo is not only young age wise, he is young at heart too.

2. The vice president is healthier

The health status of President Buhari has been a major point of concern for a while now. It is hard for the president to travel without some sort of rumour being spread about his health.

The age of the president often makes Nigerians think there is something wrong with him even though he is well. This is not surprising as people who are advanced in age often nurse one ailment or the other.

Osinbajo has remained active ever since he became the acting president. Nigerians have total faith in him.

3. His ability to move around

Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo is physically fit and able to move around.

Nigerians are starting to wonder what the travelling schedule of the vice president looks like with the rate at which he moves around.

He is strong and appears physically fit. Nigerians want a president that will be able to stand on his own without being supported. From the look of things, Osinbajo will not disappoint Nigerians on this note.

4. More educated

The vice-president will no doubt win the heart of Nigerians if education is being used as a yardstick in measuring who will be better off between him and President Buhari.

Before the 2015 presidential elections, the news of President Buhari not having a certificate was everywhere. Even after he sworn in as the president, Nigerians did not put the issue to rest as he was asked to provide proofs.

The vice-president on the other hand is a professor who is vast and well-travelled. Nigerians know that he is more educated than Buhari and would do a good job giving the nation the facial lift she requires.

5. His visit to the Niger Delta

President Buhari for some reasons has been avoiding going to the Niger Delta regions. The crisis in that part of the country is enough to shake the president as the militants inhabiting the zones are not a fan of the present administration.

However, Vice-President Osinbajo has been able to douse the anger of the people there. This has changed the impression of the people who think the government is ignoring them while laying their natural resources to ruin.

6. Osinbajo has moved round the nation more than Buhari

Within the few weeks that Osinbajo has held on to the reins of this nation, he has moved round the states. He has covered states Buhari has not visited within this period even though Buhari has been the president for more than a year now.

Nigerians feel like the president has gone round the continent while Osinbajo has made a landmark visiting the states within the country. He was recently spotted in the eastern part of the country.

7. Osinbajo’s approach to boiling national issues is epic

Prof Yemi Osinbajo knows how to handle Nigerians.

During the short period of time Osinbajo acted as the president, Nigerians discovered he has a unique manner of approach. He can restore calmness to an outraged community by speaking to them.

The way he spoke to the NLC protesters changed the outcome of the protest. It is intriguing that Nigerians will mellow when spoken to by this humble RCCG pastor.

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