Falz says he was discriminated at Kenyan airport.

Nigerian music star Falz the Bahd Guy in an interview says he was disgraced at the Kenyan airport recently.

Falz during a sit down session with Moet Abebe at the Soundcity 98.5 FM studio on “The Take Over” show spoke about a lot of things, from his father being Femi Kuti’s lawyer to Simi being his “musical soulmate”.

According to Falz, “I was on holiday recently. I was with my guys. We were at the airport about to get into Kenya. Kenya o! African country o!” he said painfully. Adding, “They sent us to go to the side with Nigerian people.

They just kept on saying Cybercrime, Internet fraud. That’s what we’re known for. It was disgraceful, extremely shameful.

Talking about the discrimination, “Obviously, it’s discrimination on a level because I’m Nigerian you automatically think I am a cyber criminal.

After Kenya the singer and his friends went off to Tanzania where they paid a visit to a Tanzanian wildlife reserve.

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