How to completely ruin HYIP scam programs and make profit!…

Saw someone promoting this shit earlier today. Let’s put this shit into perspective.

Lets say you invest $5.

$5 day 1(+200%) it will become: $10

$10 day 2(+250%) it will become: $25

$25 day 3(+450%) it will become: $112.5

$115.5 day 4(+%700) it will become: $843.75

$823.75 day 10(+%1250) it will become: $10546.125

$10546.125 day 12(+%1850) it will become: $195101

Alright. This HYIP machine would have turned $5 into $195101 by 12th day. Imagine there’s 20 people using the website and reinvesting the profit. How much has the company paid by 12th day? That’ll be $3902020. That’s 39 million +.

What the actual fk? Why are people so interested in HYIP programs? Well that’s because:

1. They make profit from refs and actually believe it’s a legit website.

2. They’re making big profit from such website.

— Let me tell you how this 2nd step works. First of whenever you come across new HYIP website you gotta check who owns the website. If it’s owned by some broke ass kid, chances are he will scam and run away within first few days. Now if it’s owned by someone who’s been in the industry he will almost always try to get in as much money as possible by encouraging users to reinvest, put in more money, get users to invite refs and encourage them to invest money as well. Now it’s depends on person, once certain money is reached. Owner will just run away.

But this is what most people do, once they’ve figured that owner won’t run away soon they invest as much money as possible and withdraw before it’s closed. They get refs, ask them to invest and make much as possible and withdraw as soon as possible before site shuts down.

HYIP is risky business it will eventually shut down, you just got to figure how when exactly to withdraw the money. It’s you gambling against the company, whoever runs first is the winner.

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