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Former President Goodluck Jonathan on Friday said one of the qualities of a “true leader” is appreciating his critics.
Jonathan said this in response to one Mohammad DeeDee who sought his forgiveness on Twitter.

DeeDee had said the former president should pardon him for past criticisms.
In November 2014, DeeDee wrote: “Today a dollar is N180 and a pound is N280 hope u have a family…this is really d transformation agenda..!! GEJ has finished Nigeria.”
Apparently realising that things have taken a worse turn today, with the dollar trading at N500, and pound N600, DeeDee asked Ben Murray Bruce, a senator from Bayelsa, to help him reach Jonathan.

But responding on Facebook, the Nigerian leader said he bore no grudge against the individual.
He said DeeDee should not feel bad because he was performing his patriotic duty.
“There is no need for forgiveness because you did not commit any sin against me,” he wrote.
“I never felt offended or held a grudge. Mohammad, please do not feel bad. You did what you did as your patriotic duty.
“A true leader must appreciate his critics. Sometimes they tell him the truth more than friends. I appreciate you. God bless you Mohammad.”
People have been lamenting the high cost of living under the current administration. But President Muhammadu Buhari has been appealing for understanding, blaming the economic situation on his predecessors.
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  • ikechukwu anyanwu

    I think lai mohammed and Osibanjo has joint together to tell nigerian lie
    Osibanjo should remember where he come from (RCCG) before going into politics and should stop deceiving Nigerian

    • Johnson

      James I can see ur from the pit of Hell and God will punish u well 4 saying that. All the money recovered is enough to make Nigeria better and where is the money? Thunder that will strike u is warming up now at Iraq nd will soon tk off to descend on u. IDIOT!

  • This medium should help me tell this woman wrapper of Jonathan that his leadership ineptitude, brought us to where we are today and that history, will not forgive him as the worst thing to happen leadership in this country. That man that man that was begging for forgiveness is the greatest fool of 2017 . Jonathan and his wife, will surely rot in hell

    • what did you call you self James abi John… i think you are get greats fool of 2017 and would as well remain that for ever, since you can’t be straight and say the truth…well i will advice you to stop saying bullshit about Jonathan Okk..Idiot i don see you wey get duplex for heaven..Ewu, Anu Nmpama

    • Phil

      We watched with disdain few years ago how Andrew Yakubu, the former NNPC boss during GEJ’s era (from Southern Kaduna) flanked by Diezani swore before the senate that there is nothing like missing $20b.
      GEJ also said America will know if such money go missing. NOI (our Harvard trained former Minister of Finance) said we should invite forensic auditors because it is impossible for such huge amount of money to go missing.
      I have received a lot of backlash for campaigning for Buhari but I have no regrets. If one person can keep $9.2m (N4 billion) in his safe at home, God knows how much GEJ, Diezani and co have in their septic tanks.
      And you wonder why exchange rate is high? You wonder why we are in recession? You have your answers.
      The next question from the enemies of Nigeria would be “where are all the recovered loots?”
      Recovered loots are exhibits that can’t be spent until prosecution is concluded and conviction is secured.
      Why is it difficult to get conviction ?
      We have corrupt judges and lawyers who are subverting justice.
      If Buhari should arrest Judges today, the same enemies of Nigeria will be shouting gestapo! rule of law! rule of law!
      We know who the real enemies of Nigeria are.
      The enemy of Nigeria is not Buhari.
      PMB has good intentions.
      The real enemies are the people who doesn’t want their thieves touched simply because of tribal sentiments.
      I am happy Andrew Yakubu is a Northerner, arrested by a Northerner (Magu) working for a Northern President (Buhari).
      Long live Magu. Long Live President Buhari!
      We should suspend democracy for 4 years and let Buhari sanitize the system.
      When the next political party get to power, let them probe APC as well.
      In 20 years, we would have gotten rid of corruption.
      This is why the masses are suffering. Buhari is not the problem.
      Institutionalized corruption and those who ignorantly or intentionally establish it are responsible for the suffering of the masses
      A country that welcomed Ibori has no future.
      May God extend the life of PMB. I see why the children of hate want him dead.

      • Segun

        Phil I dof my hat for you for this contribution. You said everything that is the truth. Unfortunately some pople because of their low intelligence, tribalism and lazy background will not agree. They prefer hailing their thieving brothers who kept billion of $ of Nigeria money in pits at their backyard while are Nigerian suffering. Thank yoi

        • Izzy

          You are very correct just like Phil, but people ask PMB questions like those he appointed as minister, who actually campaigned for him. Let his fight against CORRUPTION be full, not selective

      • Chibyk

        For your mind you think you made sense? Before GEJ how many people ruled? And how many have been probed? For your information, pmb is the problem simply because he can’t think and he is brainless. In fact, he is a daft.

    • Ejikeme joachim

      I guess u don’t see beyond ur nose. If u blame a man for what was happening in ur house while u were on a trip u will be a fool not to correct it when u are back home. Buhari has failed that’s the simple truth and anyone who is yet to see and acknowledge that is dead to truth

    • kelvin

      pls Mr I will plead on you to keep mute if at all you don’t have anything reasonable to say, is Goodluck the reason why Nigeria is Registered as an Islamic Nation? or maybe Goodluck is the reason why Nigerians economy is bad……

    • Before they do you would have rotten longest time.. let me ask that in the little office you are holding right now are you doing any better even close to Jonathan? Talk more of leading a whole country. Rather the man you call a hero should step aside for those who know the HOW, to come in

    • Augustus

      Mr man Bible says that if you do not forgive others there trespasses neither will your father in heaven if you your own trespasses , and if you refused to obey your potion is already hell John 3:18

    • Henry

      Go and tell ur father and mother dey will rot in hell.
      U r a big fool to tackle jona and his wife.y noy face wat is inching u and pray on d current government.fool u r

    • how was ur stay in hell James, cause I can see you just arrived from corporal punishment from hell and you don’t feel the present one we are in..being naïve is also a sin if you don’t know. May you should ask me for forgiveness, cause Jonathan will be too busy to listen to you..lolz

  • Smith

    It’s because of people like James that Nigeria is here in the first place… Stupid people who so badly sort for change and have seen it but would rather plan another person for their shortcomings.. Wake up james

  • ike

    mr james, whotever ur name is. u are already in hell. i mean u and ur family as a whole for saying that about a former president jonathan, but the worst for u is dat nobody will 4give u bcos u are no body.

  • Tunde

    I don’t know why we Nigerians we like to deceive ourselves, we all know that this recession started from Jonathan regime but it had not developed up to this that is why must of the people thought President Muhammad Buhari cause this, we Educated people of Nigeria still believe Buhari if Jonathan was re elected as a Nigeria president in the pass election it will worse pass this believe me or leave it. the regime that was shared Nigeria wealth among themselves.

    • David

      Tunde. How is the recession Jonathan’s problem? When u people refuse to see the truth and continue the blame culture as usual. Thank GEJ for running the country well, with sound economic policies, that made Nigeria the fastest growing economy. We had foreign investors, boosting the economy. Jonathan’s ministers are superior to the rubbish politicians who don’t know their right from their left. And sinking into the quagmire day by day. Clueless and directionless. For 2 years now, nothing has changed and u are here talking rubbish!

    • Genius

      Tunde or what ever you call yourself. You claim to be educated yet you can’t make a complete statement in English language. Who educated you or where were you educated? Please Mr. Tunde, prove to this house that Recession started during Goodluck Jonathan regime, when a dollar was 200 naira compare to when a dollar is 506 naira as at today. E be like your education na big ignorance u acquire. Go and get real education my friend.

  • Phil, I think you are too knowledgeable to understand enough. You want to defend politicians or you will just give your own patriotic comment… Have you held and/or are you holding any public office…

  • ogashi ndidi

    Comment mr james, i dont think u have brain,so are u not experencing what is hapning today, no money, no job, no even life to live, i belive u are a big fool

  • umoru michael

    We shouldn’t lay blames on any president whether present or psst on the economic woes. Let’s take this nation to God Almighty with repentance..Our woes and recession is only sign of the end time

  • umoru michael

    Comment.Let’s be very careful with our comments against our president. Remember God placed President Buhari where he is as our president., and so by implication he is our father. So we must pray for him as our father even if things seem not to be going well.

  • One fact remains sacrosanct and it is the truth; Goodluck Jonathan made his own mistakes sometimes very grievous ones and presently our president and his group are also making their mistakes . The effects of the mistakes past and present can also be seen and felt. However, the one thing we must stop on this platform is calling our leaders names like fools, idiots etc. We can criticize or vent our anger but let us be mindful of our utterances.

  • Idesinga

    Better days are always planned long before the time, if you planned goods, you reap good, but if you failed to plan for better days, surely you will encounter difficult times. USA, Britain, Germany, and other advanced countries in the world took 20 – 30 years planning for better days ahead. Unfortunately, our leaders spent good 6 years looting in the name of transformation and finally handed over power with empty treasury. They took over a foreign reserve of $68 billion dollars by handed over $29 billion (inspite of the oil boom within that period i.e $118/b) with nothing to show. What do u expect when you completely failed to plan beyond 6 months. This is the genesis of our economic woos because oil price as at today is less than $45. Why cant we face recession? I even wonder how this government are able to pay salaries today when way back 2014 when oil price went down to about $85/b the FG was borrowing just to pay salaries. Okonjo Iweala predicted much tougher times ahead. So why all d complaints now.

  • This country will never progress. Only few people love Nigeria. The country is suffering from hate of the past. The disunity among the people will strengthen corruption. Are you not surprise that even the educated Nigerians can’t help? Nigeria died and Jonathan’s cabinet buried it. No hope


    Please fellow citizens of this great nation, no matter how hard the Times are, we as patriots should watch our words and assertions against our leaders both past and present administrations, and turn to God in prayers for the good of our land… if GEJ is an idiot what does that make the country? Think productively and pray anyway you can… peace.

  • sewext

    it is very suprice here as devil turn eye together condemning each each other instead for us to tell our leathers to find solution to what is going on may god help us o

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