Solidstar Joins In The “Occupy Nigeria” Protest.

Nigerian singer SolidStar, took to his Instagram page, few moments to offer his support for the occupy Nigeria protest which is scheduled to take place on 5th February.

He is also urged people from all parts of the country to join in the protest as well. He wrote:

Let’s all fall out on the 5th of February 2017. We need everyone in every state to come out and protest against this old men that want to rule us for life. Let’s tell them we are tired, they all started as youths and now they don’t want to give us youths the chance to rule like them when they were youths. We need more People to Lead the Protest in their states, it shouldn’t be Lagos alone. #LetsOccupyNigeria for our future and that of our children. The bullshit don full toilet, no more internet activists. Let’s do this for ourselves!!!! #LetsProtest

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