Fast Rising Yoruba Actress, Bridget Amos Comes For Men In Instagram Post

Fast rising Yoruba actress, Bridget Amos has come for men in one of her instagram posts.

According to her, she thinks men are confused and don’t really know what they want.

She says if you cook and wash their clothes, they see you as someone being desperate for marriage, and if you don’t they say you are not a wife material. She says if you make love well to them in bed they think you are promiscuous and if you don’t they will say sex is too boring with you. The words went on and on, oh dear.

“What do you really want? So complicated and confusing to please. If you try to please them, you are cheap; if you make love to them you are a love peddler; if you don’t, you are playing hard to get; if you show them love you are too emotional. If you give them attention, you are bugging them, and if you don’t, you are with other men. If you dress sexy you are attracting other men, if you don’t, you are awkward and local. If you cook; wash their clothes, you are desperate of getting married, if you don’t , you are not a wife material”

“If you’re independent you are chasing other men; if you are dependent you are a liability. If you try to satisfy them in bed you are a sex addict; if you don’t, you are making sex boring. If you get pregnant you want to trap them down; if you don’t, you have damaged your womb. If you are beautiful, you can’t stay with one man; if you are not, you are not up to the standard; if you ask for money you are too demanding and if you don’t, you are forming”. Then, she hits the nail on the head, “they think we can’t do without them. At times, I don’t think they know what they want”.

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