Apostle Johnson Suleiman says ”If I spend day in DSS custody, my followers will cause damages that will take one year to fix”

The DSS last night in Ekiti state attempted to arrest Apostle Suleiman after he asked his security to kill any Fulani herdsman they see around him or his church premises.

Governor Fayose foiled the arrest and Apostle Suleiman has addressed the attempted arrest.

He said that he has over 500,000 members in Nigeria, adding that spending one day with security operatives will cause a damage (in Nigeria), that will take “one year to repair”

The attempted arrest came on the heels of a video that circulated on social media where the clergyman told his congregation to “kill any Fulani Herdsman” found within the church premises.


IN a series of tweets, Apostle Suleman also said:

In Nigeria, people are killed and notin hapens.but wen pple speak dey are arrested. xtians shld not go afta dem but dey shldnt come after us

Go back to the tape.i said any herdsman seen around me or d church.not herdsmen
walking on der own..tnks for d luv nd msgs all ova.am fine.

The Nigerian president has ordered my arrest becos I warned against their killing innocent Christians..2trucks of armed men came for me

But God said they are too small..Isaiah 54v17 will speak..there will be consequences..am from above and untouchable.ofm worldwide will react

I repeat it,Christians defend urself. Av lost countles xtian friends by this same extremists.let doz runnin der mouths continue.mathew 11.12



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