Goodluck Jonathan becomes first African leader to win Martin Luther King human rights award

Former President Goodluck Jonathan was awarded in the US on Thursday for his leadership in human rights in Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria.

Jonathan, who was awarded in recognition of his leadership in “human rights, social justice and universal fight for freedom”, becomes the first African leader to be so honoured.

The presidential award was presented by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, founded by the late American human rights activist, Martin Luther King Jr, best known for his human rights struggles and the I-have-a-dream speech.

In statement on Friday, the former president expressed his pleasure in being so honoured and also meeting the sister of the famous human rights activist.

“I thank Dr. Charles Steele Jr, President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, and the executive of the SCLC for honoring me today,” he said.

“It was also a pleasure to meet Naomi King, the sister of the late American Civil Rights leader and founder of the SCLC, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, who was kind enough to attend the event and identify with the goals and aspirations of the Goodluck Jonathan Foundation.

“By this award, I am further inspired to continue to work for the advancement of democracy, peace and progress in Nigeria and Africa.”Jonathan is billed to be in the US for the 2016 Hope Global Forums conference, where he is expected to Succeed the 42nd president of the US, Bill Clinton as keynote speaker.

In the letter sent to Jonathan in December 2015, he was invited to join the biggest 500 companies in the world in their promotion of King’s human right ideals.

“We invite you to join Fortune 500 CEO’s, private investors, financial leaders and government officials to connect and collaborate on this vision,” the letter had read.

“With the theme ‘Reimagining the Global Economy: Inclusive Economics’, the annual meeting is set against the backdrop of the Martin Luther King Holiday weekend and gathers leaders from government, community and the private sector to outline a vision for the modern global economy.”

Jonathan was earlier in Florida to welcome his second grandchild, delivered by his adopted daughter, Inebharapu Paul.


  • Akudo

    He indeed is worthy of the award because he handled the matter so like one who is educated.what we are suffering in this nation this day is as a result of uneducated and grass hopper mentality top officers who do not have any thing up stairs but only are interstellar in embezzlement of the nation’s cash. Any way congrats to you Mr Goodluck Jonathan you really deserves more than this MAN OF PEACE

  • Gideon Yakubu

    Mr president, i call you Mr President cause i see you up till today as my President, not this so call Buhari. u are one in a million, a man after my heart. You deserve more than that award Mr. President Pls Keep on the good work. come back woooo and rescue this country wooooo from the hand of this empty taut.

  • okorie g.

    Its an honour well deserved. There is always a lifting up for them who are humble, loving and pious. He is a great leader with human heart.

  • Aigbefoh E David

    Your Excellency, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan GCFR. The award is well deserved. We do hope for many more of such. Congratulations for making all of us proud in the continent of Africa.

  • The rejected stone has now become the chief corner stone.”a cow does not know the value of its tail, until the day it is cut off” we have now seen the difference between light and darkness, Good and bad, literacy and illiteracy, ethnic and religious bigot and free thinker , secular and nationalist. use your tongue and count your teeth. A day of reckoning will be here some day.

  • Basil chukwneta

    The only president that truly loved the people he governed.With all the tension they who more qualified instigated to distract you,you still gave your best to this nation.I in particular miss you! Congratulations sir

  • Ken A.A (Engr.) MBA, COREN

    A well deserved honour, May GOD continue to Bless you for your sacrifice in Nigeria and forgive you where you erred. My respect remains for you.

  • Odinga Ciano Nelson

    God bless you more Mr President..Dont forget to fight for the Biafrans cos the killings is much..from this brainless president Buhari

  • BAJ

    Wow!!!!!! Still in the spirit of thanking GOD Almighty and President GEJ for the relative peace in Nigeria; I join him in receiving this thanks
    The Lord of peace will continue to be your lord;thanks for the many understanding you had over the people that want to usurp power @ all cost from you.
    Greater Heights IJMN
    Nigeria we hail thee………………

  • Nzeogwu

    Congratulations for an honour well deserved GEJ. Many more are on your way. You showed vision, leadership and I will always identify with your favourite quote “my ambition cannot be greater than the loss of a single soul”. Today, it is blood letting all over this nation.
    Congratulations once again and kudos. Education goodooooo

  • Achionye Valentine Udochukwu

    Today, I join the conglomerate of well-wishers, friends and men of goodwill to celebrate an Ambassador of Peace, a sincere any transparent iconic model, a man of vision, piety and fairness; the Best record in Nigeria.
    Today WE celebrate one of us, a father, a leader, former Commander-In-chief of the Armed Forces; President Goodluck Jonathan.
    Ride on thou Man of Valour, proceed unto glory thou Man of the People! In sacred letterings on the Sands of time, I see your name BOLDLY inscribed.

  • egri rayjoe

    he deserve it more, cause it ain’t easy to let go of what every one wish to be: just for the sake of peace. peacemaker keep doing doing it….!!!

  • Nathan M. Shamaki

    The award to you is an indication of how you love peace and your effort to sow genuine peace on our land. God shall continually award you with more rewards and more “first”

  • Just a true father of all human race, with genuine mind and open heart too simple to believe in his kindness. I love you Mr Goodluck E. Jonathan. GOD bless you with more wisdom.


    My President, I told you when you left Nigeria seat that your generation unborn will experience God peace.Your reward is not only in Heaven but from here. This is just Genesis.

  • Ngozi Beatrice

    You are my Hero…a leader with Wisdom is God’s Servant. You are God-sent. Keep up the Good work. By your Wisdom Many Nigerian Youths now own their business across the Country through the YouWin Programme. We remain grateful and Thank God for your Life!

  • Gabriel ubi

    Congratulation sir,You are a great leader and you show love to our beloved country. May the Lord bless you and your family sir.

  • Congratulations for an honour well deserved my President-For- Life, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. I identify with you on this day and pray that God Almighty will continue to bless you and continue to lift you to greater heights, Great Man of Peace. Whenever I remember your speech ” My ambition cannot be greater than the loss of any soul ” , I get more convinced that you are a God-sent to Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. For all your sacrifices and good governance I say ” God bless You! “

  • Mbah Cletus

    indeed president Goodluck Jonathan deserves the award, he prove that he is educated by not allowing Nigerians to experience another civil war. more cudos to you and thank you for making Africa proud.

  • God'spower Omoruyi

    You deserve it, of a truth you are a man of peace, there is no WAR today in Nigeria is because of your true love for your people, you have share true leadership with true attitude of servant, you still my President till date.
    God bless you and your household.
    God Bless Nigeria!

  • That is a man after God’s heart. May God continue to bless you in all ramification of your life through Christ Jesus. Congrats for the award. One word about this man that l cherish so much and l quote here is” “My political ambition thus not worth the blood of any Nigerian. Waoooooooooooooooooooo/ l love that statement.

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