Man Arrested For Impersonating Justin Bieber, Extorting Nudes From His Fans.

Bryan Asrary, pictured above, allegedly found a 9-year-old girl back in 2014 who was viewing Bieber’s Instagram page – Asrary direct messaged the girl and said he knew Bieber and said he could arrange a text meeting.

He then allegedly impersonated the “Sorry” singer and demanded the girl send nude photos of herself, threatening he’d hurt her if she didn’t. The girl sent nude selfies and video.

According to TMZ, Asrary allegedly contacted the girl again last year, 2016 … this time threatening to publish and publish the photos she had sent him if she didn’t send him more.

The now 11 year old girl told her mom, and the cops got involved.

According to cops, they confronted Asrary and he confessed to extorting the girl and other victims around the country into sending him nude photos.

He’s facing extortion, child porn and other charges.

The real Justin Bieber

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