A Saudi Billionaire Has Taken London By Storm With His Ridiculous Fleet of Gold Cars ….

A week or two ago, London residents noticed that the streets seemed to be teeming with high-end sports cars, which isn’t that odd a phenomenon in the cosmopolitan city, but these were all painted the same shade of gold, making them stand out even more.

Shortly thereafter, the mystery was solved. 23-year-old Saudi billionaire Turki Bin Abdullah was in town. His collection of cars is sprawling, and he’s planning on staying in London for a while, so the locals might as well get used to the site.

As you can see, he’s got a type when it comes to both the color and the type of car. “Flashy” doesn’t begin to do his fleet justice.

How do you make an ultra-rare Mercedes SUV even more distinct? Give it another axle and paint it gold, of course.

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