Linda Ikeji and Designer Mudi – 16 years after! (photos)…lol


Oh my! One of the best male designers in Nigeria, Clement Enajemo, the CEO of Mudi Clothing Africa sent me some old modeling photos that made me smile. I became the first female model for his clothing line back in 1999 and we’ve remained close ever since. The photo on the right was in 2000 after a photo shoot and the one on the right was taken just last week after we met up for drinks.
He was one of the first people to tell me I would amount to something. He had the option of over 20 other models to be the face of Mudi Female Clothing back then but he chose me. He tells me all the time that he’s not surprised I became successful. He said to me ‘You had a drive and hunger when you were a teenager that I’d never seen in any other female’. lol. Good friends!

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