How do you grow your blog.

How do you grow your blog

At the mention of how to grow a blog, it becomes almost clear that this piece is not to address expert bloggers but for newbie who are still searching for every available means to grow their new blogs.

But mind you, pro bloggers can still grow their blogs too, for growing of blog has always remained a continuous process.

Many newbie bloggers today have always failed to understand that their new blog can be likened to a new born baby that needs nurture, care and all the necessary attention they require to raise them up gradually to maturity.

Until you understand the above concept, you will not be able to grow your blog properly in the right manner.

Blogging involves series of growth developmental phases, though sometimes I don’t really blame the newbie bloggers for just wanting to see their blogs turn springs of living water in few days of starting up a blog, because virtually every so called pro blogger today was in that same shoe with similar mind set at their early stage of blogging.

But my candid advice here, which I want you all to see as precious pearl is just for you to try and cultivate the habit of learning and implementation with patience. Since Rome was not built in a day, it is also wise to say that that your want-to-be rock star blog will not be built in a day.
Having said that, for you to grow your blog, you really need to treat it as a baby and give it all the necessary attention it desires.

Most times, I overhear newbie bloggers saying they want to monetize their new blogs with Adsense or other monetization means and I always laugh it off.

Truth be told here, even if I give you Adsense account with Google Ads for that your new blog, it might rather get you frustrated and can even make you think of quitting blogging on starting.

So it is completely useless at this point because you will not even be able to earn a withdraw-able amount, and neither will affiliate ads do you any good.

Before you should even think of monetizing your new blog by whatsoever means think first of how to grow your blog.

Then, how do you grow your blog?

Good question! I must admit. You can grow your blog simply by doing most of the necessary things that are required in nurturing a blog like choosing a proper and simple template design for an individual blog, creating original and good number of contents, building relationships and connecting with other bloggers, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to grow organic traffic and growing your audience (blog readers/visitors) in general.

Call them the prerequisites for new blogs before thinking of monetization in any way, so there are no short-cut to the monetization stage. And you will agree with me that those prerequisites cannot be achieved in a day, not even a week nor a month, but months and some years.

You might want to ask me to give an estimate of the number of months before monetization, and I will like to say 6 months and above as answer to that question.

As I have continuously mentioned in this post that growing your blog involves treating it like a baby; give it good food (content), take it serious and work diligently on those prerequisite to grow it to maturity before thinking of monetization. In plant kingdom we say nurture it before thinking of harvesting the fruits from it.

The moment your blog is ripe or matured for monetization, you will know because you will get to see it clearly with your eyes.

There will be increased visitors, bounce rate will be low, Alexa ranking will be better, Google will be tempted to give you a page rank of 1 for a start, and you will notice increased engagement on your blog.

You can now see that it is not magic but a straight forward concept that if you do well, you will see your blog growth.

No need to be in a hurry, just know that ‘slow and steady always wins the race’. And by so doing, the moment you begin to monetize your blog, you will begin to see result almost immediately, other than when you crave to monetize at the nascent stage.

At this level now of your blog developmental stage, you will then begin to see your blog grow faster by the day and the cash begins to roll in to some reasonable extend. It continues growing that way as you work until the sky will no longer be your limit but a starting point.
Finally, just know that there is no set limit that a growing blog can attain; blog growth is a continuous process as far as you keep blogging it out the right way. In the real sense, every well-meaning blogger is growing his/her blog to the next level at every point in time, and I am not left out.

If you are happy with this piece, kindly use the comment box to express yourself or if you want to tell us the rate or level at which you blog is growing, we are all waiting to see below.

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